About me

I'm a PhD in Gophysics graduated from the Universidad Nacional de San Juan and now I have a Post-doctoral scholarship by CONICET.

During my PhD I worked in applied geophysics, processing and analyzing gravity and magnetic data at the Instituto Geofísico Sismológico Volponi. During my current postdoctoral research, I'm studying the subduction zones through geodynamical numerical modeling.

I'm also try to contribute on open-source projects, like Fatiando a Terra, to improve science openness and reproducibility.

When I'm not researching or coding I like to spend time outdoors doing rock climbing, trekking and or kayaking. I consider myself an amateur artist as well.


PhD in Geophysics

FCEFyN, Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina.
Thesis: Geophysical analysis of the Loncopué Trough, Neuquén, Argentina.

Licentiate in Physics

FCEIyA, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina.

Last Publications


Pliocene to Quaternary Retroarc Extension in the Neuquén Basin: Geophysical Characterization of the Loncopué Trough.
Pesce, A; Gianni, G; Giménez, M. E; Folguera, A.
Opening and closure of the Neuquén Basin in the Southern Andes, Springer


Plume Subduction Beneath the Neuquén Basin and the Last Mountain Building Stage of the Southern Central Andes
Gianni, G; Pesce, A; García, H. P. A; Lupari, M; Correa-Otto, S; Nacif, S; Folguera, A.
Opening and Closure of the Neuquén Basin in the Southern Andes, Springer


Magnetic characterization of a retroarc extensional basin: The Loncopué Trough.
Pesce, A; Gianni, G; Giménez, M. E; Folguera, A.
Journal of South American Earth Sciences


Modelo preliminar 3-D de susceptibilidad magnética del volcán Tromen.
Pesce, A; Lupari, M; Gianni, G; Nacif, S; Gimenez, M.
Revista de la Asociación Geológica Argentina

Community Involvement

I'm inspired by the work of scientists around the world to make science more open. I'm also part of communities that empower underrepresented scientists.

Curriculum Vitae

If you would to know more details about my profesional profile, you can access an HTML version of my Curriculum Vitae or download PDF version of the same curriculum, either in English or Spanish: